My Future Junior Golfers!

My girls are now 4 an 2 1/2 and are very active. I love watching their physical skills and coordination develop. My oldest has been taking a gymnastics class for a while and loves it. My 2 1/2 yr. old will begin next week. Developing fundamental movement skills is something I always focus on with my clients (and my girls). It is key in learning specific sports skills such as that needed in golf. The reason I am a big fan of gymnastics is because they are using their body weight when developing strength and coordinated movements. It is also fun and they can develop at their own pace. I have started using a lot of body weight exercises in the training of both adults and children. In my opinion you can’t beat it when it comes to developing fundamental movement skills.

Free play is also a good way to develop and reinforce fundamental movement patterns. I came across this article recently that discussed the issue of exercise and sport in young children. If you have any young golfers at home check out this article here.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on September 9, 2009

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