3 Core Exercises To Prevent Back Pain In Golfers

I see a lot of golfers that suffer from back pain, and as they start to feel better my priority is to teach them exercises that will help prevent future episodes. One of the main reasons for developing back pain is a lack of endurance throughout the trunk and core. These exercise I’m about to show you should not take the place of seeing a medical practitioner because there are many components that contribute to back pain. However these core exercises are excellent in developing the strength and endurance needed to prevent future episodes of back pain in golfers.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on July 27, 2010

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Add Power And Super Stability To Your Golf Swing

The side plank is an excellent exercise that helps build trunk stability and core strength. Recently I have been utilizing a new technique that comes from the research of Stuart McGill and is also utilized by the Kettlebell expert Pavel Tsatsouline.
I also actually used the technique back in my martial arts days through the practice of breath control and the use of Chi.

Stuart McGill calls it “super stiffness” and Pavel describes it in his book The Naked Warrior (which I highly recommend) as “Zipping Up”. Essentially you develop the ability of isometrically tensing all your muscles while in a certain posture or during a certain exercise. McGill explains that this actually happens unconsciously at impact in the golf swing. Please don’t try to consciously do it, or you may have bad results. However I believe you can train this concept as you perform certain exercises such as the side plank.

As you watch the video below and then perform the exercise, I want you to try tensing your entire body when in the side plank position. From your fist, elbow, shoulder, trunk, hips and legs as you hold the position. This may take some practice, but it will give you great results. To start off, only hold the side plank for 10 seconds, and then switch to the other side. You can start with a few reps and progress up to 8-10 reps of 10 second hods.

Have fun adding super stability to your side plank!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on July 12, 2010

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