Are You A Golfer In Poor Health?

I recently ran across this article on how the game of golf may be a vehicle to decreased health and fitness. It clearly emphasizes the need for consistent exercise for not only health, but to ensure you can play this great game into your later years. You can read this interesting take on golf & health by going HERE.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on September 23, 2012

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Golf Fitness Chicago Seen On Chicago Sun Times Site

I want to direct you to a nice article Matthew Schwerha wrote in today’s online Chicago Sun Times. It gives you some more recent golf fitness exercise photo’s of my colleague Wynne Conklin. You can check it out HERE.

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Greater Access To Golf Fitness Services For Amateurs

Golf Channel reports that the general public has greater access to golf fitness services at the US Open this week. These services provided by experts in the field of fitness and golf are present at the Open & are a big hit. Check out the Golf Channel article by going here. And don’t forget to read my free Golf Fitness Chicago Report found on this page.

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Pushups For Charity Northbrook A Success!

Here’s a few pictures and the video of our push-up charity event on Saturday April 10. Thanks again to all participants and those that donated. I will update with our final amount raised in a week.
Enjoy the efforts of those that participated.

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How To Survive The Holidays

Does it surprise you to know that I’m as much of a decadent food-lover as the next person? I get quizzical or astonished looks from clients when I talk about how much I love pie, cake, chocolate, ice cream, candy bars…I could keep going. They’re a wee bit shocked by my admission of guilty pleasure because they think I “toe the line” 100% of the time.

Well I don’t. What I do is “toe the line” 85.7% of the time. That equates 6 days out of the week. On the seventh day…I indulge. I don’t go crazy, but I’ll have some pizza or a piece of cake. I’ll reward myself for a good six days of healthy, supportive nutrition by “letting my hair down” a little bit on day 7.
“A little bit” is the operative phrase.

I don’t have the pumpkin pie with two huge scoops of ice cream and a pecan and apple chaser!
And I recommend you don’t either. But DO enjoy yourself one time a week, particularly on Thanksgiving. Then get right back on the “nutrition wagon” on Friday after Thanksgiving. By the way, Thanksgiving Thursday is a great day to do a workout in the morning. You’ll enjoy the meal that much more. And if you can’t get in a workout on Thursday, then by all means get one in on Friday.
All things in moderation is a really good motto that serves you well over time. To help with that, here are some important healthy holiday eating tips as we move into the season…

#1 – Get the bulk of your calories early in the day. A “breakfast of champions” will serve you really well year round, but particularly during the holidays.
#2 – Don’t go to that party hungry. You know what will be there, and most of it is “danger” food! Eat something healthy before you head out to the holiday shindig.
#3 – Portion control. If you just do this on a consistent basis…you’ll see the pounds begin to melt away. Really. Sample different things, but don’t overdo anything, particularly the dreaded “comfort foods.”
#4 – Substitute dry white or red wine for other alcohols. If you drink, don’t drink the eggnog! Beers and mixed drinks pack more calories. Yes, your friends may give you an odd look, but you’ll feel better than they do the next day (and you’ve got a goal to achieve, which makes you better than them anyway! šŸ™‚
#5 – Watch the sweets! That’s all your get to do. Just watch them. Don’t eat them. A little holiday humor. Enjoy yourself, but be judicious about your choices. You’ll thank me afterwards.
Have a fantastic holiday season!

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Are We Aware Of The Physical Development Of Our Children?

Since the birth of my 2 young girls (21 months & 2 months) I have developed a keen awareness and curiosity of their motor & cognitive development. I know this is a normal parental interest and it certainly brings my wife and me joy on a daily basis.

But I also wonder about those young golfers out there that have so quickly fine tuned their golf skills and motor programs. Now I am not saying I plan to turn my girls into premier LPGA players, but I am wondering, how we know if our children are getting the proper stimulation as they grow and develop. The fact is often times they are not.

I talk a lot about the importance of good posture, correct muscle function, and quality movement, but I also recognize the fact that many children do not get the proper stimulus or the correct amount needed to develop coordination and proper skills. It is generally accepted that physical activity is a key component to proper development and I know a lot of children just do not get the physical activity they need and deserve.

I want to tell you about a colleague I have been interacting with that actually specializes in working with children that have some degree of developmental delay. Her name is Cara Lindell and she can be found at Her program is called Kinetic Connections and she essentially targets your child’s neuromuscular coordination to help improve focus, academic skills, recreational abilities, and socialization. I have observed her work and she is making a significant impact on childrenā€™s lives.

So if you or someone you know is trying to help a child become a little more coordinated or to overcome some developmental barriers please visit her website to see how she can help.

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Welcome To The New Golf Fitness Chicago Blog

I want to extend a warm welcome to all of my Blog visitors. I have finally finished developing my new blog. As usual my ultimate purpose here is to be informative by sharing my experiences and insights into the journey of golf fitness.

I will share stories of interacting with clients, colleagues and teaching professionals. I will give quick tips for improving your fitness and how that will ultimately improve your swing. Because of my background in rehabilitation and sports medicine, I will discuss golf injuries and how to prevent some of the common problems golfers develop. I will also have an occasional guest share their wealth of knowledge that will help you move closer to your goals. And of course this Blog can act as an avenue for feedback from you to share your experiences and opinions.

As a Fitness Professional, I believe there are immense opportunities to learn how to better serve those in search of improving their lives. With the help of my clients, other Fitness Professionals and Golf Professionals I will be able to accomplish this. The GOLF FITNESS Chicago Blog will not only be a learning experience for me, but for my visitors as well. So Welcome! And visit often for the latest information on golf fitness.


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