Greater Access To Golf Fitness Services For Amateurs

Golf Channel reports that the general public has greater access to golf fitness services at the US Open this week. These services provided by experts in the field of fitness and golf are present at the Open & are a big hit. Check out the Golf Channel article by going here. And don’t forget to read my free Golf Fitness Chicago Report found on this page.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on June 17, 2012

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Golfers Back Pain Improved with Golf Fitness Exercise

Core exercises to improve golf performance are very popular these days. However it must be understood that these golf fitness exercise need to be performed without compromising the low back. This exercise focuses on gaining control of the stabilizing muscle through the lumbar spine. I must emphasize the word control. The core musculature is not designed to generate power but to control the forces that occur during violent motions such as the golf swing.

This exercise is called the bird dog, and its purpose is to teach control of the lumbar spine while moving the extremities. Move slowly and focus on control when doing this golf fitness exercise. Good Luck

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on November 24, 2010

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Core Exercise For Golfers With Low Back Pain

The key to controlling low back pain in golfers should focus on controlling the stresses that occur at the lumbar spine during the swing. Golf specific exercises are developed to improve the golfers ability to control or stabilize the trunk. This golf fitness exercise shown below is one of the beginning de-rotation exercises I teach. It is important to learn how to control the rotational forces in the low back during the swing and you do it with this exercise. You can build neuromuscular strength and control, as well as endurance in the deep stabilizing muscle of the spine. Make sure to start with light weight and progress slowly.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on November 24, 2010

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3 Core Exercises To Prevent Back Pain In Golfers

I see a lot of golfers that suffer from back pain, and as they start to feel better my priority is to teach them exercises that will help prevent future episodes. One of the main reasons for developing back pain is a lack of endurance throughout the trunk and core. These exercise I’m about to show you should not take the place of seeing a medical practitioner because there are many components that contribute to back pain. However these core exercises are excellent in developing the strength and endurance needed to prevent future episodes of back pain in golfers.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on July 27, 2010

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Exercise For Extra Power In The Golf Swing!

As I’ve mentioned several times, an important fitness component that helps develop power in the golf swing is the glutes and legs.  There are many exercises to help develop this strength but I especially like the split squat.  This exercise shown here in the video is performed on each side and demands good balance & coordination as well as strength.  It focuses on the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Watch the video several times so that you learn and understand the correct position and how to activate the glutes correctly.  It is important to stay tall, go straight up & down, and push up through the heel of the front foot.  To advanced the exercise you can hold a dumbell or kettlebell (my preference) to load the system with weight.

It’s a great exercise…give it a try!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on May 18, 2010

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Push Up Training Level 2

This second video on push up training demonstrates more difficult positions to challenge the core and upper body. If you need a review of the first training video go here. Good Luck!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on March 29, 2010

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A Core Exercise All Golfers Should Be Doing!

I have described before that the power in the golf swing not only involves a good sequence of positions in the golf swing, but also excellent core control. Core control and power can be trained but it tales persistence. Here is an excellent trunk stability exercise that all golfers should be doing, and it also helps prevent back injury.

I have posted a photo of the home version of this exercise and a video using a cable column machine. Either way is a great way to develop core control for the golf swing, which in turn helps develop power. Good Luck!

Trunk De-Rotation With Tubing

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on February 22, 2010

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Golfers Use Foam Rolling To Improve Flexibility

I like using the foam roller with my clients for many reasons. The one thing I know for sure is that foam rolling before your stretching, and mobility work, is awesome for improving your flexibility and overall golf swing. Watch this video for a sequence of foam rolling exercises that you should do before you stretch and/or even before you head to the golf course. Good Luck!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on February 8, 2010

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Interval Training – What Is It?

There has been a lot of discussion over the past several years regarding interval training. I for one, highly recommend interval training for anyone that wants to improve their health and fitness level. There is plenty of research that points out the benefits of this type of training and often times shows it is more beneficial than the traditional steady state aerobic exercise.

Interval training is basically intermittent bouts of exercise followed by a period of rest/recovery. It is usually high intensity exercise, like sprinting, followed by low intensity exercise such as walking. It can be conducted on various types of traditional cardiovascular equipment. You can also perform an interval program in much less time than the traditional long endurance program. I personally feel that running and cycling, as well as body weight exercises are superior to any other forms of interval training.

The benefits include, more efficient weight loss, improved heart and lung capacity, prevention of heart disease, lung disease and stroke. The one benefit I find very interesting is that of lung function. As we age our lungpower will decrease unless we exercise and expand our lungs. Needles to say, taking a walk does not expand your lungs! The bottom line is, you need to exercise hard enough to cause heavy breathing/panting, and perform it on a regular basis. That’s how you exercise the lungs, and ensure good lung function as you age. So next time you do some exercise, kick up the intensity a little. And if you are really serious, get some help from a fitness professional to develop a kick butt interval program that is best for you.
Good Luck!

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Do You Have The Right Tools For Your Golf Game?

Have you ever tried hammering a nail with a screwdriver (maybe you have)? Have you ever tried opening a can without a can opener? Have you ever tried hitting a golf shot from the middle of the fairway with a putter?

Well, whether you believe it or not, if you don’t have the right tools for your exercise program you may also not get the results you want.

I’ve heard many people say, “I know how to exercise, I can do it myself.” This may be true, but how many people do you know that start a fitness program only to let it fall by the wayside?

Many people have told me they have tried exercise but it really didn’t help their golf game.

If you’ve tried a lot of different exercises and nothing seems to be working, maybe it’s time you asked yourself if you have the right tools. Having the right tools can make all the difference in the world.

Grab my free golf fitness report (on the left) now, and begin moving toward improved fitness and a better golf game!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on October 21, 2009

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