Hip Mobility Exercises For A More Powerful Swing

A common problem I find with golfers is physical restrictions through the hips. When we look at the body from a mobility and stability stand point we know that the hips need to be flexible and mobile. If not, there are compensations that occur as well injuries. Mobile hips allow your body to get in the best possible position in your swing which can help improve your power.

These 3 exercises in this video shows movements that improve hip mobility in each plane of the body. Therefore you receive a multi-directional benefit to the exercises. Give theses exercises a try.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on April 6, 2010

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Neck & Upper Back Pain In Golfers

Tightness and soreness in the neck and upper traps area is nothing new in most people. This soreness can occur in anyone and is often times seen in golfers. The cause can be variable but is usually posture related. It is common in individuals that sit at a computer or drive for long periods of time. What happens is the upper traps and neck region become overused and the muscles become tight and sore. This overuse is related to poor postural positions as well as problems with the way muscles are functioning. The middle back becomes weak around the shoulder blades resulting in the upper traps to work harder and become tight. This tension is also associated with shoulder function as well.

Here is a video of some upper trap stretches and some positioning exercises to help relieve the extra tension on those upper traps.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on October 7, 2009

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Hamstring Flexibility Part 3-Toe Touch

This exercise is great for anyone that can’t touch their toes. Touching your toes is a basic forward bending pattern and gives you information regarding your hamstring flexibility, your hip mobility and posterior weight shifting ability. Problems with toe touching may not be all about hamstring tightness. That is why having a golf fitness professional screen your movement patterns can save you valuable time in finding what works for improving flexibility.

Some key points to remember when doing this exercise are:
– keep your feet together
– start with the arms extended high and return to the extended position
– crush the object between your knees
– if you can’t keep the knees straight then let them bend because it will help re-train the motor pattern

Watch this video several times to make sure you have the correct technique. Also perform 10 reps in each foot position and do it every day. Good luck!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on May 4, 2009

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Improve Your Hip & Hamstring Flexibility-Part 2

Here is another flexibility exercise that will help improve those tight hamstrings. This is an active or dynamic type of movement that calls upon trunk stability for correct execution. This is also more advanced than the previous one, so make sure you are able to keep the knee straight and foot pulled back. If you can’t then stay with the wall assisted stretch a little longer. Good Luck!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on April 23, 2009

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Improve Your Hip & Hamstring Flexibility-Part 1

I have been busy working on and implementing a functional movement screen into my assessment of golfers. This functional movement screen was created by Gray Cook, a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach that has made a huge difference in athletes performance. More about this later.

What I want to do today is share the first of 3 exercises that I am using to help improve the flexibility and mobility of the hamstrings and hip. Gray has found much success with these as I have. Hamstring flexibility is important in all kinds of activities and often times can be difficult to improve. I pride myself in using various approaches in improving flexibility and mobility in my clients but really want to share these exercises.

This video here should be utilized first, and then as your flexibility improves you can move on to the next ones I will be sharing. So here you go!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on April 11, 2009

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Research Continues To Prove The Benefits Of Fitness

I am always interested in research related to golf and fitness. A more recent study conducted a comparison of fitness components between 2 levels of players. Players with a low handicap index between 0-9 and those with higher handicaps of 10-20. The researches specifically looked at strength and flexibility in the torso, shoulders & hips, as well as single-leg balance.

Each of these fitness components are considered important for improving both distance and accuracy in your golf shots. Check out the study here on my resources page.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on November 21, 2008

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