Strength Training For Women Golfers!

This is a great strength exercise for all golfers, especially women that want to increase strength in their arms. Often times women want to increase the strength in the arms for an improved golf swing as well as a way to make them look better.

This exercise will not only increase strength in the arms, but also in the core, and improve balance. Greater strength and stability is a sure way to make a more powerful golf swing. Give this exercise a try. Good Luck!

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on June 15, 2010

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A Core Exercise All Golfers Should Be Doing!

I have described before that the power in the golf swing not only involves a good sequence of positions in the golf swing, but also excellent core control. Core control and power can be trained but it tales persistence. Here is an excellent trunk stability exercise that all golfers should be doing, and it also helps prevent back injury.

I have posted a photo of the home version of this exercise and a video using a cable column machine. Either way is a great way to develop core control for the golf swing, which in turn helps develop power. Good Luck!

Trunk De-Rotation With Tubing

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on February 22, 2010

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Research Continues To Prove The Benefits Of Fitness

I am always interested in research related to golf and fitness. A more recent study conducted a comparison of fitness components between 2 levels of players. Players with a low handicap index between 0-9 and those with higher handicaps of 10-20. The researches specifically looked at strength and flexibility in the torso, shoulders & hips, as well as single-leg balance.

Each of these fitness components are considered important for improving both distance and accuracy in your golf shots. Check out the study here on my resources page.

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This post was written by Mark Tolle on November 21, 2008

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